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Bulletproof Wallets
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Maxine
A2. Flowers (feat Raekwon, Method Man & Superb)
A3. Never Be The Same Again (feat Carl Thomas & Raekwon)
B1. Theodore (feat Trife & Twiz)
B2. Ghost Showers
B3. Strawberry (feat Killah Sin)
C1. The Forest
C2. The Juks (feat Trife & Superb)
C3. Walking Through The Darkness (feat Takitha)
D1. The Hilton (feat Raekwon)
D2. Love Session (feat Ruff Endz)
D3. Street Chemistry
Opis produktu

The release reunites GFK with his partner in rhyme Raekwon and continues Ghost’s winning streak of delivering front to back classic material. Filled with the usual Ghost slang and bass heavy production, “Bulletproof Wallets” is the follow up “Supreme Clientele” deserved, delivered without skipping a beat. The fun Ghost & Rae are having on this record is beyond apparent. “Bulletproof Wallets” is almost like a party album, packed with hit singles and street bangers.

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