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Back From The Brink: Pre-Revolution Psychedelic Rock From Iran 1973-1979
3LP / Nowy

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A1. Gole Yakh
A2. Dar Enteha
A3. Hajme Khali
A4. Paiz
B1. Leila
B2. Del Dareh Pir Misheh
B3. Akhm Nakon
B4. Shirin Joon
C1. Ghazal
C2. Tavalode Yek Seda
C3. Mosafere Shar Baran
D1. Saghe
D2. Entezar
D3. Niyayesh
E1. Saraabe Toe
E2. Reyhan
E3. Baroona
F1. Khaar
F2. Havar Havar
F3. Ashiooneh
F4. Bachehaye Khoobe Koocheh
Opis produktu

Now-Again Records is proud to present "Back From The Brink", the only legitimately licensed collection of the godfather of Iranian psychedelic rock, Kourosh Yaghmaei. Known within the Iranian diaspora simply by his first name, Kourosh’s Pre-Revolution recordings were thought lost after Islamic fundamentalists took control of Iran. They weren’t: Kourosh had protected them – along with key ephemera from the 70’s. Their collection here - spread over a 3-LP - bolstered by Kourosh’s first person recollections of Iran’s 70s rock scene and its death after the Revolution, tells the story of an immensely talented artist’s desire to persevere in the face of terrible adversity.

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