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Black Elvis/ Lost In Space
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Intro
A2. Lost In Space
A3. Rockets On The Battlefield
A4. Livin' Astro
B1. Supergalactic Lover
B2. Master Of The Game
B3. I'm Seein' Robots
B4. Static
C1. Intro 2
C2. Black Elvis
C3. Maxi Curls
C4. Keith Turbo
C5. Fine Girls
D1. The Girls Don't Like The Job
D2. Clifton
D3. All The Time
D4. I Don't Play
Opis produktu
Kool Keith is an American rapper from The Bronx known for his surreal, abstract and often profane or incomprehensible lyrics. Black Elvis/Lost in Space is the fourth studio album by mc Kool Keith, but recorded under the alias of Black Elvis. This is the first album performed under this alias.
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