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pres. The Soul Of Disco Vol.1
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Tenderness - Gotta Keep On Trying (Joey Negro Edit)
A2. The Disco Fox - The Fox (Joey Negro Re-Edit)
B1. Jesse G - That's Hot (Joey Negro Re-Edit)
B2. Velvet Hammer - Party Hardy (Joey Negro Re-Edit)
B3. Zebra - Closer To The Feeling
C1. Sandi Havens - Happy
C2. Sergeant & Malone - Love Message
D1. Milton Hamilton - We Have All The Time
D2. The Sparkles - Trying To Get
Opis produktu

So rare and highly sought after are many of these tracks by Disco connoisseurs that the original 12's of this album would likely cost you several thousand pounds, if you were lucky enough to find them in the first place.This collection spans the years 1976-'82, with an R&B slant and more song-based material; and is intended to show that there were a few more sides (many more to come, of course) to one of the last century's biggest musical phenomena.

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