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Gremlins OST
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Fanfare In C (Max Steiner)/the Shop/the Little One
A2. Late For Work
A3. Mrs Deagle/that Dog
A4. The Gift
A5. First Aid
A6. Spilt Water
B1. A New One
B2. The Lab/old Times
B3. The Injection
B4. Snack Time/the Wrong Time
B5. The Box
B6. First Aid
B7. Disconnected/hurry Home
B8. Kitchen Fight
C1. Dirty Linen
C2. The Pool
C3. The Plow/special Delivery
C4. High Flyer
C5. Too Many Gremlins
C6. No Santa Claus
C7. After Theatre
C8. Theatre Escape/stripe Is Loose/toy Dept/no Gizmo
D1. The Fountain/stripes Death
D2. Goodbye, Billy
D3. End Title/the Gremlin Rag
Opis produktu

Everyone knows the rules: Don't get 'em wet. Don't expose them to light. And above all else, don't feel them after Midnight. The only thing as iconic than the rules of Joe Dante's horror / Holiday masterpiece “Gremlins”, is Jerry Goldsmith's earworm score.

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