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Choose Your Own Adventure
LP / Nowy

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A1. Vanishing Twin Syndrome
A2. Telescope
A3. Floating Heart
A4. Eggs
B1. Under The Water
B2. The Conservation Of Energy
B3. Choose Your Own Adventure
B4. Truth Is Boring
Opis produktu

Vanishing Twin's recent explosion on the scene has been met with excitement and wonder from both ourselves and the rest of the industry. That's because it's made up of some serious talent: Innerspace Orchestra's Cathy Lucas is at the helm with her vocals, Raime's drummer Valentina Magaletti is on the percussion, the bass comes from Floating Points' collaborator Susumu Mukai, and Man From Uranus tweaks the knobs.

Ta strona wykorzystuje ciasteczka w celu zapewnienia najwyższej jakości usług.