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Stranger Things OST - Season 1 Vol. 2
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Hopper Sneaks In
A2. I Know What I Saw
A3. Rolling Out The Pool
A4. Over
A5. Gearing Up
A6. Flickering
A7. First Kiss
A8. Crying
A9. Walking Down The Tracks
A10. Where's Barb?
A11. Speak Of The Devil
B1. Danger Danger
B2. Tribulations
B3. Flashback
B4. Kids Two
B5. Talking To Australia
B6. Night Of The Seventh
B7. See Any Rain?
B8. Coffee & Contemplation
B9. Inside The Black Room
B10. Starts To Rain
B11. Eleven Is Gone
C1. Time For A 187
C2. Something In The House
C3. Still Pretty
C4. Abilities
C5. Tendril
C6. They Found Us
C7. Bad Men
C8. Spiked Bat
C9. Making Contact
C10. What Do You Know?
C11. It's Not My Boy
D1. Something In The Wall
D2. Let's Go
D3. Leap Of Faith
D4. In Pursuit
D5. Breaking & Entering
D6. Stranger Things (extended)
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This soundtrack is instantly reminiscent of works by John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream and Vangelis.

Ta strona wykorzystuje ciasteczka w celu zapewnienia najwyższej jakości usług.