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Blue Break Beats Vol. 2 (Colored Vinyl Edition)
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Donald Byrd - Street Lady
A2. Bobbi Humphrey - Jasper Country Man
A3. Eddie Henderson - The Kumquat Kids
A4. Gene Harris - Higga Boom
B1. Reuben Wilson - Orange Peel
B2. Jimmy Mcgriff - The Worm
B3. Lou Donaldson - The Caterpillar
B4. Lou Donaldson - Pot Belly
C1. Grant Green - Ain't It Funky Now
C2. Lonnie Smith - Spinning Wheel
C3. Bobby Hutcherson - Ummh
D1. Blue Mitchell - Good Humor Man
D2. Donald Byrd - Beale Street
D3. Gerard Wilson - Viva Tirado
D4. Duke Pearson - The Phantom
Opis produktu
When first released in the 1990s, Blue Note Records’ Blue Break Beats series was a huge commercial success and helped to kick off the worldwide “Dancefloor Jazz” phenomenon. The compilation's popularity also spawned several sub-series such as blue bossa and blue brazil, also to great commercial and critical acclaim. These EMI-originated releases have been missing from the market for years. Now they are coming back with a bang: blue break beats vol. 1 - 3 are being reissued as deluxe LPs, for the first time in gatefold sleeves and on red (Vol.2), blue (Vol. 1) and yellow (Vol. 3) limited edition vinyl.
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