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Raw Land
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Crunch
A2. Raw Land
B1. Keys For K
B2. Brothers
B3. Day Break
C1. Lost Chords
C2. Small Things
C3. Move On
C4. Eile (Interlude)
D1. Frontline
D2. Headlock
D3. Tea & Jay
Opis produktu
After various EP's, remixes and compilation features, the Lower Bavarian Vienna-based musician and producer Sam Irl releases his debut album "Raw Land". Assembling his collection of analogue synthesizers and stacks of vinyl records around his MPC sampler, he chopped up, sequenced, played and mixed together twelve jams ranging from broken beat, dub-influenced grooves, disco-ish material to raw deep house vibes. The combination of vinyl fragments, analogue synthesis, the grit of hardware samplers and mixing on a vintage mixing desk from the seventies create punchy, rough, yet also deep and soulful grooves.
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