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2LP / Nowy

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A1. Car Scene One
A2. Audiofileseven
A3. Audiofile 12
A4. Audiofilefive
A5. Audiofilenine
A6. Motorway Sparks: Af18
B1. Vinyl Seat
B2. Audiofile 10
B3. #15 (S'prang)
B4. Af16 (The Concept Car)
B5. Jingle 11b
C1. Aluminium Rectangles
C2. Malice
C3. 20/20
C4. Warm Humans
C5. Version 19
D1. Cinematic-Automatic
D2. Flame Job
D3. Fony
D4. Beau Ideal
D5. Final Auto Attendant (Alt Version)
Opis produktu

A killer selection of ice cold motorized Detroit electro tracks by Le Car! After Le Car had been dismantled and the parts put in storage years ago we have a final ride with Le Car that has been reassembled for the occasion. The '96-'97 Detroit electro project by Adam Lee Miller (Later known for his Adult. project) and Ian Clarke (known for his Perspects project) show another side of the Detroit music scene.

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