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Untitled Volume 2 (picture disc)
12" / Nowy

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A1. First Rondo
A2. Second Rondo
A3. Four-Track HISS Mix
A4. Fourth Tondo
B1. First Ostinato
B2. Second Ostinato
B3. Third Ostinato
Opis produktu
Surprise beat tape from Damu the Fudgemunk, Untitled Volume 2, a 12" picture disc. This marks the second installment in Damu's Untitled series following the release of Volume 1 in July. In a nutshell, Untitled Volume 2 is a collection of music Damu assembled specifically for his longtime fans. All of the music / versions showcased on Untitled Volume has never been officially released, yet some of it may have been exposed over the years from various live videos, through word of mouth and a couple leaked mp3's. The project was curated by Damu with the intention of packaging some of his most personally dear and sought after work on one title.
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