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Answer Me Question
LP / Nowy

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A1. Answer Me Question
A2. Natty Dread A De Ruler
A3. Fernando Sancho
A4. Leggo Violence
A5. Lier Linda
B1. Everybody Girl
B2. Three Piece Suit And Thing
B3. Tickle Me Girl
B4. The Fool And His Money
B5. Babylon Leggo Jah Children
Opis produktu
Trained in the art of deejay toasting by the legendary Dennis Alcapone, Lester Bulllock initially called himself Alcapone Junior, until maverick record producer Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry renamed him Dillinger in the early 1970s, following his success on a west Kingston sound system called Smith the Weapon, based in the ghetto of Payne Avenue. Perry cut Dillinger’s first dozen tracks, and there was early work for other producers such as Prince Tony, Augustus Pablo, Enos McLeod and Phil Pratt; then, Dillinger’s debut album, Ready Natty Dreadie, was a local hit for Studio One, but the CB200 set for Island catapulted him to international prominence.
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