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Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) BOX
6x7" / Nowy

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A1. Bring Da Ruckus
B1. Shame On A Nigga
C1. Clan In Da Front
D1. Wu-Tang:7th Chamber
E1. Can It Be All So Simple/intermission
F1. Da Mystery Of Cheeseboxin
G1. Wu-Tang Clan-ain´t Nothing Ta F Wit
H1. C.R.e.a.m.
I1. Method Man
J1. Protect Ya Neck
K1. Tearz
L1. Wu-Tang:7th Chamber-part II/Conclusion
Opis produktu

This absolutely unique, deluxe edition of this classic album – which has been created in full collaboration with The RZA – is presented as a “Casebook” hardcover book, which houses the album’s 12 full songs that are divided into six 7-Inches. And beyond the 56-page liner notes, six additional pages have a Wu-Tang logo picture sleeve in which to put the vinyl.
Besides the vinyl, the centerpiece of the Casebook is a 56-page Shaolinology book, featuring input by RZA, written by journalist Chris Faraone. Beyond many never-before-discussed Wu-Tang nuggets, the book also includes rare photos of the group, lyrics for all album songs, as well as other images and advertisements from the Enter The Wu-Tang era.

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