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Drum Library Vol.15
LP / Nowy

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A1. Track 1
A2. Track 2
A3. Track 3
A4. Track 4
A5. Track 5
A6. Track 6
A7. Track 7
A8. Track 8
A9. Track 9
A10. Track 10
A11. Track 11
B1. Track 12
B2. Track 13
B3. Track 14
B4. Track 15
B5. Track 16
B6. Track 17
B7. Track 18
B8. Track 19
B9. Track 20
B10. Track 21
B11. Track 22
Opis produktu

The fifteenth volume in the expansive drum loop series. Mr. Paul Nice is known as of the best world premier breaks diggers - and here’s the proof. All just raw drum loops here - no synthetics! Lifted from some of the rarest vinyl available then cleaned and looped nicely, this is great for your sampler and jugglers alike.

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