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A1. Djambo (Salut A L'afrique)
A2. Tchiula (Le Crapaud)
A3. Mamy
A4. Tchiayala
B1. Mosi Zole (Un Et Deux)
B2. Mambu (A L'école De La Sagesse Bantu)
B3. Atide O Sika (Scene De Village)
B4. Zizi Ku Mbele (Etrange Guerisseur)
B5. Mbongui
Opis produktu

It is late 1972. Six emigres from Congo, Benin and Cameroon find themselves in Pavia, near Milan in Italy. Sharing a passion for music and dance rooted in African culture they form a band called M'Bamina ("Lightning") they and stage their dance and music show in Le Rotonde di Garlasco. Two years of hard work and gigging follow before they make their first album "African Roll", released in 1975. The core of M'Bamina was made up of Samba Ngo (guitar and vocals), Antoine Nkouka Batenda (guitar and vocals), Bernard Bifuanibo (bass), Jean-Marie Bolangassa (percussion), Anselme Tambakassa (congas) et Ligali Ali Amidou (percussion and vocals). The band would go on to make 2 further albums before disbanding in 1985.

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