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Uniwersum Luxus
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Epilog
A2. Astral
A3. Obscuro Notturno
A4. The Grief Master
B1. Varshava
B2. Suite 3065
B3. Pony Lungz
B4. Milk Box Material
C1. Earl Grey Smasher
C2. Junior Svenson
C3. Kate Moss
C4. Untitled
D1. Der Angeklagtenfresser
D2. Die Landlord
D3. 55% Ende
Opis produktu
IMYRMIND's debut album UNIWERSUM LUXUS surfaces at record stores worldwide on February 27th, 2017 courtesy of Berlin-based Money $ex Records. Idiosyncrasies of both IMYRMIND himself, and indeed the label as a whole, seep through the fabric of the album; a patchwork of tasteful re-appropriation and sophisticated originality. Covering a broad landscape of raw, gutsy minimalism, mesmeric synthwork and trademark ultra-loose beat-making, IMYRMIND has crafted a record that embodies his rapacious ear and well-groomed production style. In a maturation of techniques explored across earlier releases, borrowed organic textures meet frazzled analogue electronics and clunky, lagging beat iterations in a collection of tracks ranging from the quivering to the aggressive. UNIWERSUM LUXUS is a bright convergence of influence and innovation, all reverberating within the echo chamber of the Money $ex world; self-aware, playful, and at times even ironic.
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