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Baile Bucanero
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Commotion
A2. La Naranja Madura
A3. Hummingbird
A4. De Mar A Mar
B1. Malaria
B2. Lazalypso
B3. Caldo Parao
B4. Estar Contigo
C1. Come Back Again
C2. Soy Campesino
C3. Boga Canoero
D1. Bogota
D2. Trustin
D3. Cumbia Bucanera
D4. Just A Moment
Opis produktu

Back in 2012, Will "Quantic" Holland joined forces with Colombian musician Mario Galeano to form Ondatropica. The eponymous debut album that followed was quietly impressive, fusing traditional South American styles - cumbia, champeta etc. - with elements of hip-hop and funk, with the assistance of musicians from the vibrant Colombian scene. For this belated follow-up, the duo has tweaked the formula slightly, incorporating more from the Caribbean and African influences that have seeped into the music made around Bogota and Old Providence Island. While the palette of influences made be broader, the resultant music is every bit as enjoyable and entertaining as that found on its predecessor.

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