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Studio One Roots - The Original
2LP / Nowy

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A1. The Cyclones - "Meditation" (with Count Ossie)
A2. Cornell Campbell - "Natty Don't Go"
A3. Freddie Mcgregor - "Africa Here I Come"
A4. Bunnie & Skitter - "Lumumbo"
B1. Willie Williams - "Addis A Baba" (with The All Stars)
B2. L Crosdale - "Set Me Free"
B3. Leroy Wallace - "Far Beyond"
B4. Lennie Hibbert - "More Creation"
C1. Alton Ellis - "Blackish White"
C2. Winston Jarrett - "Fear Not"
C3. Devon Russell - "Drum Song"
C4. The Gaylords - "Africa"
D1. Black Brothers - "School Children"
D2. Linton Cooper - "You'll Get Your Pay"
D3. Sound Dimension - "Congo Rock"
D4. Zoot Simms - "African Challenge"
Opis produktu

This release features many rare and classic tracks that have been unavailable for over thirty years. As Soul Jazz Records continue to delve into the largest Reggae catalogue in the world, this release is literally ram-jam packed with classics that you cannot find elsewhere. Whilst Studio One led the field in all forms of Reggae, this collection shows how the depth of its roots music outshone all others.

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