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Studio One Funk
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Cedric Im Brooks - "Shaft"
A2. Alton Ellis - "African Descendents"
A3. Pablove Black - "Poco Tempo"
A4. Lloyd Williams - "Reggae Feet"
B1. Jackie Mittoo - "Hang Em High"
B2. Cedric Im Brooks - "Idleberg"
B3. Prince Francis - "Beat Down Babylon"
B4. Lee Arab - "Now"
B5. Soul Bros - "007"
C1. Prince Moonie - "See A Man's Face"
C2. Sound Dimension - "Love Jah"
C3. Leroy Sibbles - "Do Your Thing"
C4. The Sharks - "Music Answer"
C5. Underground Vegetables - "Melting Pot"
D1. Devon Russell - "You Found Heaven"
D2. Vin Gordon - "Steady Beat"
D3. Alton Ellis - "It's A Shame"
D4. Roy Richards - "Another Thing"
D5. Delroy Wilson - "Funky Broadway"
Opis produktu

The album is a first for Studio One and Soul Jazz as it is compiled of mainly unreleased material from the vaults of Studio One. This record shows how American Funk influenced Jamaican artists as heavily as Soul music had been an influence in the Rocksteady era and Rhythm and Blues in the Ska period.

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