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The Soulful Side Of GME & Musette Records
LP / Nowy

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A1. Little Mary Staten - "Steppin' Stone"
A2. Dede Copeland - "You Gotta Give Up Some Money"
A3. Arlene Williams - "Duck All Over Town" (part 1&2)
A4. Big Daddy Rucker - "Just Do Your Thing"
A5. Garnett Scott & Lani Groves - "Sunset Strip"
A6. Little Mary Staten - "Helpless Girl"
B1. Dede Copeland - "The Price I Had To Pay"
B2. Lani Groves - "Sweet Sixteen"
B3. Ervin Rucker - "She's Alright"
B4. Big Daddy Rucker - "Jealous Man"
B5. Big Daddy Rucker - "Xmas In The Ghetto"
B6. Lenni Groves - "You're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You"
Opis produktu

A dedicated exploration of the short-lived but hugely influential San Diego imprint Musette Records. Three years (65-68) and less than 20 releases to its name but every track was serious piece of raw soul from many musicians who went on to life a long life in music. Echoes of Jake & Elwood can be found in Big Daddy Rucker while the surging blues of Arlene Williams will resonate hard with any card carrying Soul Investigators fan and the gospel of Ervin Rucker is so powerful it can raise the dead over 40 years later. With added cameos from Big Daddy's GME imprint, Tramp have created a critical piece of soul history right here.

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