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Expectancy (180g/ Gatefold)
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Ever Faithfull
A2. Danger
A3. Strange Dream
A4. Automatisme
A5. Scrabble
B1. Right On The Nose
B2. Ostinato Bass
B3. NSS. One
B4. Cue Joe
B5. Nothing To Declare
C1. Schizophreny
C2. Anxiety
C3. Phantasmes
C4. Machinery
C5. Desolation
C6. Activity 2
C7. Angoisse
D1. Cosmogony
D2. Actuality 1
D3. Barbara's Dream
D4. Expectancy
Opis produktu

Some twenty years after René Costy's passing, his work - finally - goes global. Moreover, this being a selection out of more than 400 tracks from a virtuoso, versatile andinsatiable artist, it is hard to underestimate the importance of this compilation, which focuses on Costy's library music production from the 70's.

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Tim Maia
LP | 109,90 87,92 PLN
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