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pres. Electro
2CD / Nowy

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CD1_01. Hashim - "Al Naafiysh (The Soul)"
CD1_02. Aleem - "Release Yourself" (dub)
CD1_03. Dynamix II - "Just Give The DJ A Break" (feat Too Tough Tee)
CD1_04. Two Sisters - "High Noon" (part 2)
CD1_05. Newcleus - "Computer Age (Push The Button)"
CD1_06. Tyrone Brunson - "The Smurf"
CD1_07. Paul Hardcastle - "Rain Forest"
CD1_08. Key-Matic - "Breakin' In Space"
CD1_09. Dwayne Omarr - "This Party's Jam Packed"
CD1_10. The Russell Brothers - "The Party Scene"
CD2_01. Midnight Star - "Freak-A-Zoid"
CD2_02. G-Force - "Feel The Force" (feat Ronnie Gee & Captain Cee)
CD2_03. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - "Scorpio"
CD2_04. Imperial Brothers - "We Come To Rock"
CD2_05. Divine Sounds - "What People Do For Money"
CD2_06. The Beat Box Boys - "Give Me My Money"
CD2_07. The Packman - "I’m The Packman (Eat Everything I Can)"
CD2_08. Kosmic Light Force - "Mysterious Waves"
CD2_09. High Fidelity Three - "B-Boys Breakdance" (instrumental)
CD2_10. X-Ray Vision - "Video Control"
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