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Parallel Dimensions
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Serengeti Echoes
A2. Reaction To Plastic
B1. So What Now
B2. Nefarious Stranger
B3. Brain (feat Marcellus Pittmann On Keys)
C1. Space Ghosts
C2. Summertime Is Here
D1. Violet Green
D2. Anansies Dance
Opis produktu

Parallel Dimensions was first released in 2000. Since then, this seminal LP has been reissued on numerous occasions, and it's easy to understand why. Much like the work of his Detroit compatriot, Moodymann, Parrish's early work helped to define the sound that we now refer to as 'Detroit house'. Through an intricate, soulful blend of the Motor City's infamous Motown funk sounds, Parallel Dimensions has been one of the albums to showcase a particular style of sampling, one which focusses on rhythmic concoctions and a palpable sense of the city's struggles.

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