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Afropolitan Dreams
LP / Nowy

Jakarta / JAKARTA070-1

Hip Hop / R'n'B

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A1. The Arrival
A2. Dollar And Dream
A3. Success
A4. Internationally Known feat. Sarkodie
A5. Love On The Run feat. Nneka
A6. Call Waiting feat. Angelique Kidjo
B1. One Way Ticket
B2. Traffic Jam Interlude
B3. All Around The World feat. Marcelo D2
B4. Make You No Forget feat. Sean Kuti
B5. Africa Is The Future feat Oxmo Puccino, Just A Band, Oum
B6. The Departure feat. Amma Whatt
Opis produktu

The 12-track album is an intoxicating collection showcasing Blitz’s penchant for old school NY hip hop with the indelible influences of Fela Kuti and other Afrobeat icons and at the center of it all, his masterful lyrical flow.

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