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Des Promesses
2LP / Nowy

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A1. People
A2. African Music feat Doctor Lass
A3. Pour La Vie feat Pat Kalla
B1. Problems feat Sir Jean
B2. Kemtane feat Doctor Lass
B3. Mambo Football
C1. Des Promesses feat Pat Kalla
C2. Mandjou feat Doctor Lass
C3. Mbele
C4. Tu N'as Pas De Voiture feat Pat Kalla
D1. Et Toi Tu Crois feat Hawa & Fouley Badiaga
D2. Decalement feat Pat Kalla
D3. La France feat Tout Le Monde
Opis produktu
Voilaaa is one of the many projects led and produced by Bruno “Patchworks” Hovart, who’s proven over the past 15 years, his place amongst the finest producers of groove music in all genres.

This time exploring the wide spectrum of the African and Tropical Disco scene, he received a massive international support for Voilaaa’s first album, On te l’avait dit, released late 2015 on Favorite Recordings.
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