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The Temple Of I & I
CD / Nowy

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01. Thief Rockers
02. Letter To The Editor
03. Strike The Root
04. Ghetto Matrix
05. True Sons Of Zion
06. The Temple Of I & I
07. Time + Space
08. Love Has No Heart
09. Lose To Find
10. Let The Chalice Blaze
11. Weapons Of Distraction
12. Road Block
13. Fight To Survive
14. Babylon Falling
15. Drop Your Guns
Opis produktu

10th studio album from DC duo, Thievery Corporation. The 15 tracks, recorded on location in Port Antonio JA, finds the duo deftly blending their signature style with the classic dub, dance hall, & roots vibes that have inspired them over an illustrious 20-year career. Featuring vocals from Mr Lif, Racquel Jones, Lou Lou Ghelichkhani, Shana Halligan, Puma & others.

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