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King Of The Beats Anthology 1985-1988
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Needle To The Groove (12 Version)
A2. Breaking Bells (12 Version)
A3. Back To The Old School
B1. Fresh Is The Word (12 Version)
B2. Turbo Charged
B3. Breaking Bells (Dub Version)
C1. We Control The Dice
C2. Cold Gettin Dumb
C3. Cold Gettin Dumb II
C4. Bass Machine (12 Version)
D1. Bassline
D2. Johnny The Fox
D3. Fresh Is The Word 88
Opis produktu

Kurtis Mantronik and MC Tee formed the group Mantronix In the early 80s. This two disc carefully curated compilation combines the best of Mantronix's work from the early, and arguarbly, best era of their career into one amazing listening experience. Whether you are an avid Mantronix fan or are looking for a place to start - this is the collection to wrap your ears around.

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