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The Delfonics Instrumentals
LP / Nowy

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A1. Stop & Look (& You Have Found Love)
A2. Lost Without You
A3. True Love
A4. Silently
A5. Enemies
A6. To Be Your One
B1. Stand Up
B2. Just Love
B3. So In Love With You
B4. I Can't Cry No More
B5. Lover's Melody
B6. Party's Over
B7. Life Never Ends
Opis produktu

From the very beginning, it was Younge's intention to create an old-school Delfonics vibe but offer a very hip-hop-informed perspective. There aredistinguishing musical elements that Delfonics fans will recognize, like the electric sitar guitar, the French horn, string arrangements, and the tympani. Now the instrumentals are finally available.

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