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In Time
LP+7" / Nowy

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A1. The Vibes
A2. Lyrics You Like
A3. Down The Path
A4. Trouble
A5. Woah!
A6. Hard Drugs
B1. Together
B2. Cnd/spy Thriller
B3. In Time
B4. Follow Fashion
B5. The Bacchanal
B6. Bun Some Weed
Opis produktu

‘In Time’ is the new album from renegade roots and reggae producer Wrongtom and Hackney’s veteran breakbeat/jungle MC’s the Ragga Twins. ‘In Time’ strips back the jungle, D&B, garage sound that the Ragga Twins are recognised for pioneering today, to take you back to the ‘80s reggae and dancehall landscape where they started out.

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