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Tinder Tapes
12" / Nowy

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A1. Yuri Shulgin-Friendly Circles
A2. Ben Hauke-Thames Down
B1. Inkswel-Overstand Ft.kid Sublime
B2. Henri Leblanc-Ancient World
B3. Brando-Money
Opis produktu

From England Ben Hauke is bringin a bouncy surprise, Jazzy and Swingy, developing into a beautiful deep killer that spreads love throught the dancefloor! Newcomer Henri LeBlanc delivers a Trippy Afro Jazz House track with a groovy underground feeling that will immerse you straight from the beggining, also from Australia Inkswel and Kid Sublime bouncy track is surely one of the strongest tracks delivered by the man until now, doing his funky thing to give you just the right edge with a fat and incredibly groovy bassline!

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