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2LP / Nowy

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A1. Rhythm 77 (feat William Ricketts)
A2. Blueberry Jam (feat Lord Echo)
A3. Wang East (feat Toby Laing)
B1. The Book Keeper (feat Toby Laing)
B2. Thats Right (feat Bays Road Horns)
B3. Terabu (feat Lucien Johnson)
C1. Honest I Do (feat Lord Echo)
C2. Cosmic Echos (feat Lord Echo)
C3. Miracle Dance (feat Toby Laing & Lucien Johnson)
D1. Sword Cane (feat Toby Laing)
D2. Thinking Of You (feat Lisa Tomlins & Andy Christiansen)
Opis produktu

Double vinyl re-issue of the classic Lord Echo debut. Features the huge single - the cover of the classic Sister Sledge track‘Thinking Of You’. Available for the first time on general release outside Japan.

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