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pres. The American Boogie Down
2LP / Nowy

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A1. The Morning After - "Get It"
A2. The Right Direction - "Midnight Rhythm"
A3. Devarne - "You Are Number One"
B1. Grayship Daviz - "Get Up Get Down & Let Your Body Pop"
B2. Tony Cook presents Vernon Cheely - "Get To The Point"
B3. Destiny In Time Band - "Dance"
C1. Destiny In Time Band - "You Bring Out The Best In Me"
C2. The Fabulous King - "If You Like What We're Doing"
C3. Devarne - "Kiss You Everywhere"
D1. Visions Of Tomorrow - "Galaxy"
D2. Monofide - "Party"
D3. Lonnie Givens - "The Heat Is On"
Opis produktu

The American Boogie Down finally makes it on vinyl! To celebrate the 10 years anniversary of the groundbreaking compilation by Jerome Derradji & Rob Sevier (Numero), Past Due Records, the reissue division of Still Music is finally releasing this incredible selection or rare and lost boogie funk and disco from the Midwest and beyond on wax.

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