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Claremont 56 Ten Year Anniversary 2007-2017
5LP / Nowy

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A1. Smith & Mudd - Mhor (Lexx Mix)
A2. Freshro! - Pacific State (Phil Mison Mix)
B1. Okinowa Delays - Nariyama Ayagu feat Satoko Ishimine (Max Essa Dub)
B2. Mudd & Pollard - Far Away (Ron Trent Mix)
C1. Paraiso - Teu Sorriso (Jex Opolis Remix)
C2. Bison - Familiar Stranger (Baldelli & Dionigi Remix)
D1. Jack Cutter - Serpent Strut feat David Harks (Larry Heard Fingers Deep Mix)
E1. Paqua - Ruby Running Faker (Emperor Machine Extended Vocal)
F1. Smith & Mudd - The Surveyor (40 Thieves Remix)
F2. Bison - Salmon Spungcake
G1. Smith & Mudd - Nether (Bjorn Torske Extended Mix)
H1. Paqua - Late Train (Mushrooms Project Remix)
H2. Zee Erf - Southern Freeez (Sean P's India Navigation Mix)
I1. Holger Czukay - Music To Be Murdered By
J1. Leo Almunia Ceccanti - Andromeda Bound
K1. U-She - Blue Sky (Mudd Mix)
K2. Statues - River Darkness feat Laura Maidment
Opis produktu

Each copy of Claremont 56: 10 Years contains five weighty slabs of wax and a bespoke info sheet, housed in a specially designed, hand-numbered box with debossed logos on the front and rear. However impressive the packaging, it’s the music that makes Claremont 56: 10 Years stand out. Featuring a mixture of unreleased tracks and brand new remixes of vintage label releases, the highlights come thick and fast.

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