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Motor City Booty
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Return Of The Ghetto Fly feat Neco Redd
A2. Superficial
A3. Slippin On Ya Pimpin feat Dames Brown
B1. I Got It feat Alena
B2. Soul Fly feat Dames Brown (Part 1)
B3. Soul Fly feat Dames Brown (Part 2)
C1. 1960 What? feat London House Cats Choir
C2. Steppin feat Dames Brown
C3. Your Love Is All You Need
D1. Funk Is Here To Stay
D2. Send A Message To Me
D3. Superficial (Live Version)
Opis produktu

This 12 track album produced by Amp Fiddler & Yam Who? includes the massive 'Soul Fly' sounding like a Mark Ronson production had he been hanging out with George Clinton's Parlet followed by the bonafide P-Funk anthem 'Steppin' both featuring the stunning vocals by the Dames Brown girls.

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