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01. Woe.
02. Tbl.36
03. Rainin.
04. Tandem.
05. Footshe.
06. Eldo.
07. 86
08. Gonna_go.(Somtim)
09. Thumpr
10. Loves_fair.
11. Tranquills
12. Neglect.
13. Hi_point
14. Ints.(Toomuch)
15. I_knw
16. Still
17. Sigh.
18. Hofbrau.(Hollrbak)
19. O_well
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In 1991: The internet is made available to unrestricted commercial use and number of computers on the net reaches 1 million. Linus Torvalds releases first version of the Linux operating system kernel. The American Galileo spacecraft makes its closest approach to 951 Gaspra, becoming the first probe to visit an asteroid. Microsoft releases MS Dos 5.0.Blue Roses were produced by genetic engineering. Tim Berners-Lee introduces the first web browser. In 2016 Ahwlee uses current technology to start recording 1991.

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