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Heart Of The Congos (40th Anniversary Edition)
3CD / Nowy

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CD1_01. Fisherman
CD1_02. Congoman
CD1_03. Open Up The Gate
CD1_04. Children Crying
CD1_05. La La Bam-Bam
CD1_06. Can't Come In
CD1_07. Sodom & Gomorrow
CD1_08. The Wrong Time
CD1_09. Ark Of The Covenant
CD1_10. Solid Foundation
CD2_01. Don't Blame It On I
CD2_02. At The Feast
CD2_03. Neckodeemus
CD2_04. Solid Foundation (Disco Cork mix)
CD2_05. Foundation (dub)
CD2_06. Congoman (12" mix)
CD2_07. Congoman Chant
CD2_08. Bring The Mackaback
CD2_09. Fisherman (dub)
CD2_10. Noah Sugar Pan
CD3_01. Fisherman
CD3_02. Congoman
CD3_03. Open Up The Gate
CD3_04. Children Crying
CD3_05. La La Bam-Bam
CD3_06. Can't Come In
CD3_07. Sodom & Gomorrow
CD3_08. The Wrong Thing
CD3_09. Ark Of The Covenant
CD3_10. Solid Foundation
Opis produktu

The album classic was originally issued in 1977 in Jamaica only and 20 years later in 1997 released by the Blood & Fire label as the outstanding but now deleted "Heart Of The Congos". VP Records' sub-label 17 North Parade release now the definitive 2017 re-mastered deluxe edition put together with both respect and gratitude to that illustrious antecedent.

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