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The Platform
2LP / Nowy

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A1. So May I Introduce To You
A2. The Platform
A3. No Retreat (feat B Real)
A4. Guaranteed
B1. Right On (feat The Alkaholiks)
B2. The Main Event
B3. Service
B4. Ear Drums Pop
C1. Years In The Making
C2. Annihilation
C3. Expanding Man
C4. The Last Line Of Defence
D1. Triple Optics
D2. The Shape Of Things To Come (feat Aceyalone)
D3. Work The Angels
D4. Ear Drums Pop (remix - feat Planet Asia, Defari, White E Ford & Phil The Agony)
Opis produktu

When The Platform arrived in May of 2000 it was met with critical and underground acclaim, as well as affording Dilated Peoples their first Billboard chartings. It featured a back-to-basics sound with a heavy debt to the old-school hip-hop ethos, the kind of sound that harkened back to the early days of legends like De La Soul & A Tribe Called Quest.

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