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The Sexadelic Disco-Funk Sound Of Susana Estrada
LP / Nowy

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A1. Hagamoslo Juntos
A2. Voy Desnuda
A3. Machos
A4. Logramemos Volar
A5. Acariciame
A6. Gozame Ya!
A7. Quitate El Sosten!
B1. Espacial
B2. Hagamos El Amor
B3. Que Color
B4. Mi Chico Favorito
B5. Un Sito Bajo El Sol
B6. Tocame
Opis produktu

If any artist can back up the ridiculous term 'Sexadelic', it's Susana Estrada. An iconic force of nature during Spain's transition to democracy in 1975, Susana brought liberal freedom to screens, magazines and record collections across the nation. Here we're treated to highlights from her 1980-81 albums Amor y Libertad and Machos such as the swooning jazz cosmic ballad "Gozame Ya!", the Chic-style bass slaps and struts of "Hagamos El Amor", the bluesy sway of "Que Color" and the Moroder-esque pumps of "Machos". Complete with an unreleased, uptempo high energy cut "Tocame", this is a truly comprehensive rainbow of disco funk hits from a cultural icon.

Ta strona wykorzystuje ciasteczka w celu zapewnienia najwyższej jakości usług.