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Cosmic Edits
12" / Nowy

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A1. Quitate El Sosten
A2. Gozame Ya
B1. Quitate El Sosten (Javi Frias extended disco edit)
B2. Quitate El Sosten (James Rod rework)
B3. Gozame Ya (Mr Absolutt feat Beauty Spot Excited version)
Opis produktu

Besides acting in lot of movies and musical plays, Susana as a singer also released a few 45s, cassettes and one LP, “Amor y Libertad”, produced by the great Josep Llobell, which is now regarded as a Cosmic Disco classic. From that album, we’ve selected two tracks for Side A of this 12”, “Gózame ya” and “Quítate el sostén”. For the B Side, we’ve included three edits in a nu-disco & cosmic vein by producers James Rod, Javi Frías and Mr. Absolut aka Sergio Peña.

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