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2LP / Nowy

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A1. Your Love Makes Me A Winner
A2. Can't Say Goodbye
B1. Sure It's Funky
B2. Still Together
C1. Lutas Velikim Gradom
C2. Nisam Taj
D1. Luduj Sa Mnom
D2. Novi Susret
Opis produktu

Arian Kerliu was born in the small town of Macedonia, Dibra or Debar. Arian’s first recordings for a local radio stations were at the age of 14, appearing in almost every music festival in Ex-Yugoslavia. When he was 19, Arian came to New York City, working different jobs and studying music. His first music engagements were in various clubs throughout the city, playing guitar and singing. He then met with James Benjamin-Fish, well known bass-guitar player, with whom he formed the band Arian & Funky Family, mainly performing in the best clubs of NYC at that time.

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