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Split Decision Band
LP / Nowy

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A1. Say Woman
A2. Watching Out
A3. Night Dancer
A4. Dazed
A5. Crystal Powder
B1. My Love Just For You
B2. Seeking
B3. Shoot Your World
B4. You're The One
B5. Split Decision Band Whats You To Groove
B6. Split Decision Band Groove
Opis produktu

They have been known to deep soul, funk and disco collectors for decades for their sought after 7” “Watching Out/Dazed,” long thought to be the band’s only recordings. Egon tracked down Split Decision Band’s vocalist and songwriter Gordon Starr Flipping in the hopes of more and got it – with Watching Out, Now-Again presents a never-before-released album of devastatingly good disco and boogie from the unlikely city of Des Moines, Iowa. Flipping’s collaborations with Prince made him a Midwestern legend, but his band’s music is more than an urban tall tale – this album finally proves to the world their merits. Subscribers also receive Now-Again’s reissue of Split Decision Band’s original 7” – not available elsewhere.

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