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CD / Nowy

Jakarta / JAKARTA121-2

Hip Hop / R'n'B

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01. Turn It Up (Intro - feat Dank)
02. Sam Cook
03. I Know
04. Photosynthesis
05. Mile
06. Snow Beach
07. Silencers feat Moka Only
08. Detroit Bad Boys
09. Maureen
10. Home
Opis produktu

"Singing was always a big passion for me..I was always fascinated at all the acrobatic vocal runs some singers do with their voice. To me it's an athletic thing and I definitely see myself as a vocal athlete..and for that deeper understanding of my voice that I now have I have to thank my vocal coach Betty Lane. She literally helped me to push out the voice that had been waiting there for years, ready to come out, like "John use me, I'm your voice" and It was always a goal of mine to make a project that showcases my singing."

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