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Brownswood Bubblers Twelve Part 1
LP / Nowy

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A1. Buttering Trio - "Refugee Song"
A2. Wayne Snow - "Rosie"
A3. Madison McFerrin - "No Time To Lose"
A4. Kathy Kosins & Paul Randolph - "Could You Be Me"
A5. The Pendletons - "Gotta Get Out"
A6. Slim - "Stop Rewind" (feat Ella Mae)
B1. Silentjay & Jace XL - "Just Waking Up"
B2. Stimulator Jones - "La Mano"
B3. Chip Wickham - "Red Planet"
B4. Selebeyone - "Are You In Peace?"
Opis produktu

Brownswood Bubblers provides a platform for unsung heroes and emerging talent from the Worldwide underground. The series distills the stream of exciting new artists that have become semi-permanent fixtures in Gilles' playlists and DJ sets of late to create a suite of perfect bumps.

Ta strona wykorzystuje ciasteczka w celu zapewnienia najwyższej jakości usług.