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Alec Mansion
LP / Nowy

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A1. Dans L'Eau De Nice
A2. Laid, Bete Et Mechant
A3. Marche
A4. Quand Je Serai Grand
A5. Du Tu Au Tout
B1. Ou Es-Tu
B2. Toi, C'est Different
B3. Maintenant
B4. Trop Triste
B5. Knock-Out A Knokke-Le-Zoute
Opis produktu

A sublime slice of boogie-funk, Alec Mansion has steadily gained the status of a "crate-digging classic". Accordingly, it has been near-impossible to unearth a physical copy in good condition for many years. Be With is delighted to present the first ever vinyl reissue, remastered in time to grace the discerning terraces and boat parties of the coming summer months.

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