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Behind The Glass
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Endless Memento/regression/wading Through The Underworld
B1. The Future Is Hurt/dirt & Fields
C1. Hinter Der Vitrine
D1. Our Sharpened Blade/rid Yourself Of The Parasites/endless Longing
Opis produktu

This release is the culmination of many years of flava-hunting. Herring has been looking for these tracks in best quality for over 5 years and several months ago a good Herring customer alerted the label to a post on the excellent DWG forum. Someone was selling two cassettes he copped from a Natural Elements show in the late 90's. The tapes contained demos, rare freestyles and unreleased Natural Elements joints dubbed from the (now lost) original sources (not radio versions). Among the demos were the elusive, early Mr Voodoo tracks included on this release.

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