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Hard Hands
LP / Nowy

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A1. Hard Hands
A2. Abidjan
A3. Love Beads
A4. Mi Ritmo Te Llama
A5. Got To Have You
B1. Son Con Cuero
B2. Mirame de Frente
B3. New York Soul
B4. Ahora Si
Opis produktu

This 1968 Fania release,"Hard Hands", finds Ray Barretto still mixing rythm and blues, jazz, and some funky stuff, with traditional afro-cuban music. Like trying to makeup his mind, what road to take. Nevertheless, for those hardcore "salsa" fans, these four selections pickup the slack pretty nice; "Mi Ritmo Te LLama", "Son Con Cuero", "Ahora Sì", and (Hugo Gonzàlez searing güaracha) "Mìrame De Frente". The great sonero, Adalberto Santiago is the lead singer on the just mentioned selections, except "Son Con Cuero". Willie Torres and Jimmy Sabater, both from Joe Cuba's Sextet fame roundup the chorus section. Barretto's subsequent LP's for the remainder of the 60's, all of the 70's, and into the 80's, sealed his legacy as one of "Salsa's" true giants.

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