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The Mix-Up
LP / Nowy

Capitol / 5099950011216

Hip Hop / R'n'B

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A1. B For My Name
A2. 14th St Break
A3. Suco De Tangerina
A4. The Gala Event
A5. Electric Worm
A6. Freaky Hijiki
B1. Off The Grid
B2. The Rat Cage
B3. The Melee
B4. Dramastically Different
B5. The Cousin Of Death
B6. The Kangaroo Rat
Opis produktu

"The Mix Up" is the album by the Beastie Boys. This spits hot fire! Mike D said that "even though The Mix-Up is a "post-punk instrumental" album, the Beasties have no plans to ditch vocals for good". In fact, they are currently planning another version of the album that will feature collaborations with "a pretty wide array" of "mostly newer" vocalists!

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