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Doin It!!!!
LP / Nowy

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A1. What They Doin?
A2. Walk On By
A3. Merry Go Round
A4. Santana (part I)
A5. The Touch Of You
B1. Santana (part II)
B2. Ain't No Sunshine
B3. Cicso Fare
B4. Where Is Love?
Opis produktu

The stories of great high school funk bands are, thanks to an abundance of reissues, commonplace. The tales of great high school soul-bands are still rare. A ballad or two on the random Douglass High School Stage Band album or Timeless Legend’s mesmerizing entry on Columbus’s 1972 1st Annual Inner City Talent Expo notwithstanding, high school bands rarely struck into the realm of “grown folks” music. Enter The Equatics and their brooding masterpiece "Doin’ It!!!!" 

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