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The Listening (Colored Vinyl Edition)
2LP+7" / Nowy

ABB / ABB1038-1

Hip Hop / R'n'B

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A1. Morning (Intro)
A2. For You
A3. Speed
A4. Whatever You Say
A5. Make Me Hot (Interlude)
B1. The Yo Yo
B2. Shorty On The Lookout
B3. Love Joint Revisited
C1. So Fabulous
C2. The Way You Do It
C3. Roy Lee Producer Extraordinaire (Interlude)
C4. Away From Me
D1. Nobody But You
D2. Home
D3. Nighttime Maneuvers
D4. The Listening
E1. Atari 2600
F1. Mr. Dream Merchant
Opis produktu

In Little Brother's music, the North Carolina group makes a specific point to highlight the more refined aspects of mid-'90s hip-hop. Basing its 2002 sound upon the foundation previously established by the likes of Pete Rock, A Tribe Called Quest, Jay Dee, and Black Star, Little Brother makes somewhat of a political statement by applying such standards to this modern age. 

Finally, available again on white vinyl including bonus 7-inch!

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