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The Signal (Purple Vinyl Edition)
LP / Nowy

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A1. Orbiting
A2. Childhood Dream
A3. The Signal
A4. Magnetic Storm
A5. Robotic Assist Module
A6. Spectre
A7. Timeline
B1. Command 64
B2. Setting Up
B3. Superunknown
B4. 13480000 Miles
Opis produktu

Wojciech Golczewski’s second LP on Death Waltz Originals is actually a prequel to his 2015 debut Reality Check and the second part of a proposed trilogy to be finished in 2018. This time out the emphasis is on super minimal widescreen sci-fi ambience. The record is absolutely epic in scope and features lush synth arrangements with melody lines that bubble just under the surface creating a multi layered listen that is perfect for late nights and dark rooms.

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